Virgin Media Customer Services Number: A Comparison to Sky

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Virgin Media vs SkySometimes, certain companies dominate the industry they operate in to such an extent that the competition in the field gets truncated to only a few companies. This is exactly what has happened in the United Kingdom in the areas of broadband, fixed line, and paid television with Sky and Virgin Media having it out between the two of them.

As is obvious, both Sky and Virgin Media offer these services to people in the country. If you are an individual who is wondering whether he should call the Virgin Media customer services number or contact Sky for using their services, then the following comparison between Sky and Virgin Media should be of great use to you. Consider the following carefully.

Why Do You Have To Choose Between The Two?

It is possible that you are wondering why you should even make a choice between these service providers and not go for other companies that operate independently in one or more categories mentioned above. The reason for this is simple. Most companies offer great many discounts and beneficial offers to customers who are willing to use more than one of their services. There are only two companies in the United Kingdom that can boast of catering to phone, television, and internet needs of the common man and these are Sky and Virgin Media. Thus, by choosing one of these two and by using more than one of their services, you can end up reducing your overall financial outlay significantly. Therefore, whether you call the Virgin Media customer services number or the Sky customer services number, you would do well to choose between these two options.

Virgin Media Is First In Many Ways in the CountryVirgin Media Vs Sky

While Sky is an older company and boasts of a greater market share, Virgin Media does benefit from its reputation of being an innovator. Virgin Media happens to be first in many different ways in the country. For instance, Virgin Media is known as the first quadruple play company in the United Kingdom.

This designation is given to those companies that operate in the mobile, broadband, fixed line, and pay TV industries. In addition to this, Virgin Media is also the first company in the country to employ fibre optic cable technology. Fibre optic cable networks are widely considered to be a wave of the future and, hence, show the innovation potential of Virgin Media.

Speed of Broadband Services

The most effective reason why you should call the Virgin Media customer services number as opposed to the Sky customer services is that Virgin Media offers broadband speeds that are unmatched by any broadband service provider in the country including Sky. This is largely due to the fibre optic cable technology that Virgin Media is employing to connect its consumers. There is a huge difference in the speeds that Virgin Media provides to its customers and the speeds that Sky provides to its customers. In fact, the slowest speed package that Virgin Media provides is better than the fastest speed packaged provided by Sky.

Quality of Support behind the Virgin Media Customer Services Number

While comparing Sky and Virgin Media, it is also important to evaluate how the customer services of the two companies stand with respect to each other. The customer services of both these behemoths are highly professional and reliable when it comes to dealing with complaints. For instance, whether you have Virgin Media complaints or Sky complaints, you will find that both the organisations have very accomplished support teams. However, if the two were to be compared to each other in absolute terms then it is important to note that the support team behind the Virgin Media customer services number is more efficient that the support team of Sky.

This is evident from the fact that Ofcom’s complaints report shows less number of complaints about Virgin Media reaching it than Sky. Only complaints that are not handled well by the company reach the Ofcom. Virgin Media has fewer Ofcom complaints than Sky when it comes to fixed lines and broadband connections and only has slightly more pay TV complaints than Sky. Thus, as the number of complaints Ofcom receives about Virgin Media are lesser than Sky complaints, it means that more complaints are resolved successfully by the people behind the Virgin Media customer services number.

Features of Set Top Boxes and Channels Included

Paid TV is a niche where the competition between Sky and Virgin Media is particularly intense with both trying to get one better over the other one in a wide variety of ways. From the perspective of number of channels available, Sky does slightly better than Virgin Media but when it comes to the features of set top boxes, Virgin Media’s TiVo box is far ahead of Sky’s set top box. As a matter of fact, if you call the Virgin Media customer services number to enquire about their paid TV services, you will be given in-depth descriptions of the features that their TiVo box provides. For instance, the TiVo box from Virgin Media does everything that the box from Sky does with additional features such as recording three different shows while watching a fourth one, refining searches based on genre, directors, and actors, and even including special recommendations on the basis of what your specific preferences are.

The Option of Virgin Mobile

Finally, Virgin Media provides something that Sky cannot provide and that is mobile services that are integrated with their other services. Virgin Media is a quadruple play company while Sky can only be seen as a triple play company. This is because Virgin Media offers mobile connectivity which can be combined with its full bundle of services. Their mobile services rely on EE’s countrywide network and possess countless variations and combinations of tariffs and features for a customer to benefit from. Moreover, the more services you combine, the better your discounts will which means that the presence of Virgin Mobile not only gives greater chance of integration but also discounts. You can find out what kinds of possibilities exist with their mobile services by calling the Virgin Media customer services number.

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