Virgin Media Phone Number: Top 6 Reasons for Choosing Virgin Media

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Contact Virgin Media Top ReasonsAlthough Virgin Media is a name that is mainly associated with Sir Richard Branson, the company was not actually founded by the well-known business tycoon. Instead, Virgin Media first came to be in 2006 because of a merger between NTL and Telewest. The merger of these two companies resulted in NTL:Telewest, which then went on to merge with Virgin Mobile UK. NTL:Telewest, subsequently, struck a deal with Branson for the company to be branded under his Virgin brand.

Virgin Media is a name that has since become very famous in the country primarily because it is the first company in the country to be a quadruple play media company or the first company to offer the Fantastic Four services in the United Kingdom. However, even though the popularity of Virgin Media has only risen since its advent into the United Kingdom market, there are some people who still hesitate from calling the Virgin Media phone number and use their services. This hesitation is simply because of an inherent hesitation which can be done away with a little more research into the company. Here are top six reasons why you should choose Virgin Media.

Full Range of Services with Multiple Discounts and Bonuses

As mentioned above, Virgin Media is the first quadruple play company in the United Kingdom. Quadruple play is a term that is used in media circles to describe a company that has presence in internet services, mobile services, fixed line services, and paid television services. The reason why this should compel you to call the Virgin Media phone number and start a new account is that the company is capable of offering you products and services in all those categories creating a bundle with discounts, uniformity, and numerous other benefits. Not only does Virgin Media provide services in all the categories mentioned above but also a lot of variety in each category. Having more variety to choose from while getting discounts and uniformity is like having the best of both worlds for an end user which is why you should not take this lightly.

Best Broadband Speeds of All Broadband Service Providers in the Country

Virgin media broadbandVirgin Media is known for providing its broadband customers the highest speeds in the whole country. If you call the Virgin Media phone number and speak to the broadband division, you will be told more than once about the company’s fibre optic cable network.

It is this fibre optic cable network that allows Virgin Media to offer exceptional speeds to its customers in the country. In fact, Virgin Media’s fibre optic cable network is unique in the country because no other organisation can claim the same. Moreover, fibre optic cables are considered to be the future of internet connectivity in the world. Thus, by choosing to call the Virgin Media phone number and getting a broadband account started, you are getting a service of the future with speeds that are unparalleled in the country.

Highly Accomplished Support Team behind the Virgin Media Phone Number

Virgin Media’s customer services department has won many accolades over the years. It is widely known that the company employs some of the most professional, skilled, and experienced individuals in its customer service department. In fact, such is the quality of the support team behind the Virgin Media phone number that the customer services department of Virgin Media has won the Best Customer Service Award from Mobile Choice eight years in a row. This means that if a situation arises where you have to call the Virgin Media phone number to file a complaint about some aspect of the service you have subscribed to, you can rest assured that your complaint will be expedited and handled with utmost respect from the company. The exceptional customer service division behind the Virgin Media phone number is also the reason why the company is one of the least complained about service providers in the country. For instance, as per Ofcom’s recent complaints report, Virgin Media’s complaints statistics were lower than the industry average in all but one category of services that it provides.

Very Useful TiVo Box That Offers More Features Than Most Others

The TiVo box offered by Virgin Media is incomparable to anything else available in the UK market. The reason for this is that the capabilities and facilities that Virgin Media’s TiVo box provides its users are truly special. For instance, if you were to call on the Virgin Media phone number and get their TiVo box, you will find that you can record three different programs simultaneously while watching a fourth one. Moreover, the TiVo box from Virgin Media also offers the usual features such as the ability to rewind or pause live TV as and when required. Additionally, Virgin Media’s TiVo box also allows for searches to be refined on the basis of actors, directors, or even genre.

All-Encompassing Breakdown Coverage and Money Back Guarantee

Another reason why you should not hesitate from calling the Virgin Media phone number and tying down with the company is that it offers free breakdown coverage and full money back guarantee to its customers. What this means is that if you avail Virgin Media’s television services and your set top box breaks down then the company would fix it for free whether the set top box is under a warranty or not. Also, the company offers a full money back guarantee to new customers as well as existing customers who have subscribed to a new service. As per the rules, you would be entitled to full refund for the service and installation charges as long as you call the Virgin Media phone number and file a request before 28 days have passed.

Exceptional Mobile Coverage with Multiple Tariff Options and Packages

Virgin Media’s mobile services are based on the EE network which is the largest in mobile network the country. In addition, the company is known for providing a staggering array of tariff options and service packages. This means that you will get unmatched mobile network coverage while also having the option to choose from a number of different packages and tariff plans if you call the Virgin Media phone number to get a new Virgin Mobile phone number.

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