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Calls to this number cost 7p / minute plus your network operator’s access charge. We offer a call forwarding service which will connect your call directly to the official helpline. Please ask the bill payer’s permission before dialling. We are not affiliated with Virgin Media.

Is Virgin Media TV any good?

We think it’s great. Who wouldn’t want 200+ channels, many of them being in high definition, plenty of Sky channels and pay-per-view live events? All of this with the advanced TiVo system and you don’t even need a satellite dish! Virgin Media TV has all the latest Virgin TV channels that we all love. We have highlighted some of the best deals on offer further down this page, and some ways to get in touch for exclusive deals which aren’t advertised in the mainstream media. If you are unsure or need some help then get in touch with a customer service agent who will be more than happy to help.

TV Collections and Packages

If you are unsure of the best deal or which Virgin Media package to get look no further. Below we have some information on the different packages that are currently on offer, which will come with the high tech TiVo box that allows you to watch TV how are you wants to watch it.

100+ channels, 6 HD channels

  • Plus: 700 hours of catch up TV.
  • 1500 hours of TV On Demand.
  • 8 Sky channels.
  • Dave, E4, Film 4, Sky 1 & 2, Sky Arts & Sky LIVING.
  • Sky On Demand.
  • Music videos.
  • Pay per view movies.
  • Virgin TV Anywhere.
This is currently £6.50 a month for six months, £13 a month thereafter plus a Virgin phone number for £14.99 a month
(18-month contract)

135+ channels, 6 HD channels

  • Plus: 700 hours of catch up TV.
  • 1900 hours of TV On Demand.
  • 10 Sky channels.
  • Good Food, Watch, Syfy, Comedy Central, Alibi.
  • Sky On Demand.
  • Music videos.
  • Pay per view movies.
  • Virgin TV Anywhere.
This is currently £15 a month for six months, £21.50 a month thereafter plus a virgin phone line for £14.99 a month
(18-month contract)

200+ channels, 32 HD channels

  • Plus:700 hours of catch up TV.
  • 2500 hours of TV On Demand.
  • 14 Sky channels.
  • FX, Disney, ESPN, Sky HD channels, US Boxsets.
  • Sky On Demand.
  • Music videos – free.
  • Pay per view movies.
  • Virgin TV Anywhere.
This is currently £23 a month for six months, £29.50 a month thereafter plus a virgin phone number for £14.99 a month
(18-month contract)
If that wasn’t enough you can complete your fantastic new package by selecting additional premium channels, pay-per-view movies, music videos and live events. So whether it’s Sky Sports or great movies that you’re into you have all the choice with Virgin Media TV. If you’re not sure which package is best for you, speak to a Customer Services agent.

Virgin Media and Sky Channels

So how does it work with Sky and Virgin Media? Well, Sky On Demand brings you an extensive amount of on-demand TV, sports or movies depending on the Sky channels in your collection. The beauty of it is you can watch whatever you want whenever you want whether is on your laptop, tablet or television through ‘TV Anywhere’.

How can I get Sky on demand?

Sky On Demand comes included with all subscriptions. You can get Sky Movies on demand by selecting TV M+ class, L or XL and add the Sky Movies collection.

What do I get with Sky when I signed up to a Virgin Media TV collection?

  • If you’re into sports you can look forward to up to 200 hours of sports highlights!
  • If you’re into some great Sky TV shows you won’t be disappointed knowing that your package will include Sky 1, Sky Arts and even Sky LIVING!
  • If you’re a movie buff you will be pleased to know the Sky Movies collection has around 500 movies on demand!

For more information get in touch and phone the Virgin Media Contact Number.

TiVo boxes

So what is a TiVo box? Back in the day when you could only watch one channel, if you missed the beginning of the show you had to put up with the pain of never being able to go back and see what you missed. Virgin Media currently offers a 1TB and 500 GB TiVo box is allowing you to record an incredible amount of TV. With the 1 TB TiVo box, you can record an amazing 500 hours of standard TV or if you love all of the great HD channels then up to 100 hours of HD. The 500 GB TiVo box doesn’t disappoint either allowing you to record a whopping 250 hours of standard TV or 50 hours of HD.

Not only are they extremely useful in allowing you to watch your favourite content they are even easier to use. They have an intuitive search system and they even automatically record what you might like just in case you’ve not seen a given show.

Switch to Virgin Media TV

How can I switch providers? Easy – call one of Virgin Media’s Customer Services agent on 0843 515 8680 who will be able to answer any of your questions. This is a call connection service, we are not associated with Virgin Media. Calls cost 7p per minute, plus your operator’s access charge. We have put together some tidbits of information that may help your virgin media experience come true.

How do I switch from my current supplier?

It couldn’t be easier. Don’t worry, you won’t be without your broadband, TV or phone. We can install everything in one go! You won’t require a MAC or PAC code. Normally you can keep your BT phone number and no longer pay your BT line rental.

  1. Choose your new service.
  2. Gets connected.
  3. Cancel your old service.

Where is my nearest store?

Visit the online  Store locator to search by place or postcode to find your nearest shop.

Do I need a security parental control?

Virgin Media Securities Parental Controls can help ensure that your family has a safe experience when using the Internet. If you would like to screen out offensive material, add exceptions or block specific sites, control access to social networking sites and see the history of any sites used – it’s all possible.

We hope you found this information helpful and if you are unsure or would like any more help, please call the Virgin Media TV Contact Number on 0843 515 8680. Calls to this number cost 7p per minute plus your operator’s access charge.

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