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Virgin Media Broadband Contact Number | 0843 515 86800843 515 8680

Calls to this number cost 7p / minute, plus your operator’s access charge. We provide a call forwarding service which will connect you directly to the official helpline. We are not associated with Virgin Media and the official number can be found on their website or by searching the internet.

If you’re looking for an internet package, what more could you want than the Fastest Broadband in the UK? In a recent study by Ofcom (the communication industry regulator), Virgin Media Broadband came out on top of the league table boasting the ‘Fastest widely available connection’ with their Superfast Fibre Optic Broadband. Flaunting 4 additional awards from this year alone including ‘Fastest Home Broadband‘ and ‘Best Broadband Provider‘, it’s clear that Virgin Media Fibre Optic Broadband is the fastest and most reliable source of internet available on the market. To find out more call the Virgin Broadband Contact Number on 0843 515 8680.

Which Package is right for me?

There are numerous available to suit every budget and household size. It doesn’t matter if you’re on your own and only use the internet occasionally, or if you have a full house with downloads running in the background 24 / 7 – you’ll certainly find the right package for your needs. If you’re looking to sign up to Fibre Optic Broadband, TV and Home Phone in one package then you can check the ‘Collections’ page for the latest package deals. Alternatively, phone the Virgin Media Broadband helpline on the number listed above to speak with a sales representative. With speeds up to 120mb (over 7 x faster than the average connection in the UK!) you can guarantee you will find the right deal.

What if I want Virgin Media Broadband only?

‘But what if I only want to sign up for an internet deal on its own?’, I hear you ask. Like you, many customers wish to purchase the use of this amazing service without the need for a mobile and a full TV entertainment package. Get Broadband on its own from as little as the cost of 2 cups of coffee a week. What is more unusual is that you don’t even need a phone line – which is perfect if you’re the type of person who’s always on the go and you don’t have a landline. You can call the Virgin Media Contact Number from a Virgin Phone free of charge, or call the number listed above for as little as 7p / min plus your service provider’s access charge (which is considerably less than dialling alternative premium rate numbers).

Getting Technical Support when things go wrong

Virgin Broadband SupportIf you’re an existing customer, then you will already know about the many benefits of being a customerAre you experiencing problems with your Virgin Media Broadband Speed? Help is available should you require support with any Fibre Optic Broadband issues. You can also download the ‘Digital Home Support Hub‘ which is a piece of software to help fine tune your internet settings, ensuring you don’t have a slow web connection. You can find out when the technical team will be doubling the connection speed in your area by visiting this link.

Calling the Virgin Broadband Contact Number

You can get in touch with the Virgin Media Broadband Support team 24 hours a day, seven days a week simply by calling the number at the top of this page – 0843 515 8680. Assistance is on hand for all queries no matter how big or small. Here are just a few common enquiries made when calling the customer service phone number:

  • Why can’t I connect to the internet?
  • How do I set up a Wireless Network?
  • When will my download / upload speed be increased?
  • Why is my Fibre Optic connection so slow?
  • What speed can I get in my area?
  • How do I set up my Virgin Media Super Hub?
  • Although your internet is ‘unlimited’, what is the Acceptable Use policy?

If you need to get in touch for answers to these or any other questions, then call the team on the telephone number above.

When you first call the Virgin Broadband telephone number, your call will be answered by the automated service. You will be prompted to enter your existing phone number, or press 0 to enter your account number. Please note that if you’re not an existing customer, then you will need to press the ‘2’ key on your keypad when prompted. The main menu consists of 4 options – use your keypad to make a selection according to the choices listed here:

  1. To talk about a new installation.
  2. If you have received your Quick Start guide and require further assistance
  3. To add a service.
  • To talk to the Virgin Broadband Support team about anything else, you will need to press 0 at this point.

Existing customers will hear with the following options at the main menu:

  1. For Bills, Payments and remaining minutes (if on a Virgin Mobile plan).
  2. To report a fault or for Virgin Broadband Technical Support.
  3. To talk about a new or existing installation.
  4. To make a change to any services, including upgrading your connection.
  5. If you are moving house and would like to bring your Virgin Media Broadband connection with you.

You can hear the options again by pressing the hash (#) key. Pressing 0 will connect you directly with a Customer Service advisor. If you wish to make a complaint about your broadband service, then you should speak with a representative at the earliest possible opportunity.

Virgin Media Business Broadband

This service is available for the office, whether you run a small business or a large corporation. Call the Virgin Business Broadband Support number listed above and select the appropriate options to chat with a member of the Business team.

Virgin Media Broadband Prices

Get in touch with the sales team directly for the most up to date prices and don’t forget to ask about their special deals and offers.

You can view the best telephone and internet package deals on the Collections page.

Call the Virgin Broadband Contact Number on 0843 515 8680 today.

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