How to Get Good Service from Virgin Media Customer Care

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No matter how well we analyse contingencies and how hard the big multinationals try to keep their services trouble free, each of us has stories of something going wrong at just the wrong moment. There are numerous paths that life can tread but only a limited amount that our brains can foresee and plan for. This situation can arise with even highly respected service providers such as Virgin Media. However, unless the customer i.e. you contact the Virgin Media customer care then you won’t be able to have your problem resolved. Even so, while calling the Virgin Media customer service number is important, you also need to know how to go about describing your problem and getting the right solution.

Take for example this situation. It explains the importance of making your complaints heard and hints at miscommunication on the customer’s part, the customer care executive’s part, or on the part of both. Here, a woman had technical issues with her phone, for which she called the Virgin Media support phone number. After conversing back and forth and receiving confusing estimates and promises, the woman ended up complaining publically.

This shows why it’s important for you to not only make sure that you call Virgin Media customer care whenever you face a problem but also learn how to approach the situation so that you get the right results. For your benefit, here are some key tips.

Know What You Want Virgin Media Customer Care to Do Beforehand

Virgin Media Customer Care Number
Virgin Media Customer Care Number

The first thing you must do is have a coherent idea of how you would like your problem to be resolved by the customer care executive. It’s common for people to contact the customer care people simply to vent their ire at the inconvenience that they had to suffer through. However, the whole customer service system is set up to resolve problems as opposed to being a soundboard for overly emotional people.

Therefore, before you make that call in anger, you need to make sure that you know what your purpose is. You should consider your specific complaint or problem carefully and decide on the solution that suits you the most. You also have to ensure that you convey your expectation to the customer care agent as clearly as possible so as to avoid confusion later.

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Research Online For Precedence

The solution you may be willing to accept may not be reasonable. However, how can you know which solution is reasonable and which is not? The obvious answer is to use common sense and ask for what the company had committed to providing earlier. Still, sometimes, things are not so simple. Sometimes, a problem is so complicated that you don’t know what to expect as a solution. On such occasions, the best thing to do is go online and search for precedence i.e. people who have faced similar problems before and come to an accord with the company. You’re likely to find such people and examples on forums of various kinds online.

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Collate Documents for Quick Responses

Virgin Media Collections | 0843 515 8680During your conversation with the people manning the Virgin Media customer care, you’ll be asked questions for verification purposes i.e. little facts about your account to establish that you are who you are. In addition, depending on what your complaint or problem is, you may have to provide even more information to get the ball rolling at their end.

This could range from anything like your old bills to identity proofs. Moreover, if your complaint or problem is serious enough, you may even have to provide proof that the mistake was made in the first place. What all this means is that you should prepare for the conversation with the customer care agent in advance by collating all the relevant documents and proofs that you will need.

Get Proof either By Recording or Asking For a Letter

Even though an organisation like Virgin Media will never be malicious towards a customer, miscommunication can still create problems for both you and the company. For instance if the customer care executive promises one thing but you think that he is promising another because of ambiguous phrasing then the situation can quickly escalate. This can happen to the most communicative and expressive of people. This is why there needs to be some kind of a safety net in place.

Unless you’re conversing with the company through Virgin Media customer care email wherein you have written proof of every commitment and promise made, you’ll need to find a way to make commitments binding. There are two ways that you can use. The first is to ask the customer care agent to email the details of what he is suggesting, promising, or proposing to you so that you have proof of what was said. The second is for you to simply record your conversation.

Never Lose Control of Your Emotions

Losing control and becoming angry has never helped anyone in life. Becoming emotional is something that will actually make it very difficult for you to get good service from Virgin Media customer care because you would become either incoherent or aggressive. Incoherence automatically precludes any workable solution while aggression takes away the desire on the part of the customer care agent to help you. You still need to be forceful though. You need to be polite and professional with a stern tone so that the customer care agent understands that you mean business.

You also need to be prepared to escalate the matter and also voice the fact that you’re willing to speak to seniors. If you think that the agent is being uncooperative, ask to speak to his senior. If you think that the immediate senior is unwilling to help then ask to speak to senior management of the company. If even that is not helping then simply tell them that you’ll approach Ofcom with your complaints. This usually helps in getting the right response from the company.

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