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Virgin Media TiVo Box

The main idea behind Virgin Media TiVo is that it is understood that no affordability of Virgin media’s cable services is not privileged to all. Even if this is in existence, the services are widespread because of quality rendered by the service provider. These statistics stretch to over a million thus making it one of the most recognizable services in existence.

It is during the end of the year 2010 that Virgin Media started rolling out TiVo boxes which were in form of powered PVR meant for the next generation. At this particular time, a limited number of these products were provided into the market only to find that many people started to appreciate the services it offered. This can be seen in that the Virgin media TiVo has become one of the proficient products from the media company. The product is offered as SKY+ brand hence offering an intensive competition to its competitors such as YouView.

The TiVo box is considered to be very tasteful where it features all black colors together with presence of LED indicators that aren’t too bright exhibited from the front. The product also features buttons that are very helpful if one cannot access his/her remote. There are many supporting features from the box thus it is very hard for one to miss any functionality. One of the functionalities include presence of HDMI output whose function is to ensure that one gets to view HD videos from the product. Other ports that are present on the product include Ethernet, USB and Smartcard ports.

Virgin Media Customer Services Number has sourced a cheap phone number available – 0843 515 8680, so you can talk to an employee and ask for assistance for any associated Virgin Media Complaints as it will be guaranteed that, through their great customer service, such issues and conflicts will be resolved.

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Recording three shows at the same time is one of the coolest things about Virgin media TiVo. This objectivity is enabled by the presence of three tuners and even one can get to view shows when this action is undertaken. Buffers are present for all these tuners so that various functions can be undertaken at the same time such as recording, playing and flicking at the same time without any form of hiccups. Other boxes consist of one buffer thus making it difficult to undertake the functions that the Virgin Media TiVo is able to undertake.

In the market, there are two Virgin Media TiVo boxes that are on offer. This doesn’t indicate that the quality of service of these products differs in a great way because the only difference is the storage capacity. One of them comes with a storage capacity of 500GB and the other one entails 1TB.The difference of users for these particular products is that one will have more space to store his/her recordings which is not a bad thing because both have a great amount of space from the device.

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The price imposed on this product is considered to be very right because of the considerations made by the media company. One of the fundamental things that are considered when pricing these products is the TV service that the client has signed up for. Virgin media TiVo has also put up a pricing guide on the online platform so as to ensure that one does understand what each and every cent makes up to. It is a known fact as to why many people are considering the product as compared to those of Sky, Virgo and YouView because of its services. The deal is good enough such that the sales have been projected to be on the rise because it is believed that Virgin Media TiVo is far beyond when it comes to technology. The pricing of the product goes for only forty nine pounds hence making it as one of the best PVRs present in the market.

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