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0843 515 8680

Calls to this number cost 7p / min plus your operator’s access charge. We will connect your call to the official Virgin Media Cancellations number. Please note, we are not affiliated with Virgin Media.

Cancel Virgin Media by PhoneWhether you’ve come to the end of your subscription or you’re thinking about cancelling your Virgin Media early, the best way to get in touch is via the telephone. On our site we help you find the Virgin Media contact number that you are seeking, in this case we dig out all of the cancellation numbers that you need, ultimately making it much easier to get through to the exact personnel you require.

We are quite simply just a call forwarding service that makes your job a lot easier, rather than waiting to speak to the specific member of staff, you can get straight through to the cancellation team who can then start to help you cancel your current contract.  This means bypassing needless hold time on the phone and having to endure the dreadful tin sound music, instead you can get through to the correct team and solve any problem you have right away.

Cancelling Virgin Media UK

Although there are alternative ways to get in touch with their team, the most efficient way is to give the Virgin team a call. Skip past the customer services and call the cancellation service straight away when possible. Here, we list the best phone numbers for you to contact in regards to cancelling your Virgin Media UK deal.

What steps should you take when attempting to cancel your current Virgin Media contract?

  1. If you have a problem that you think could be solved then you may fare better contacting Virgin customer service and voicing your concerns and thoughts about leaving.
  2. If you are set on leaving then call the cancellation phone number and tell them why you are set to leave.
  3. You may want to check that you’ve surpassed the minimum term in your contract, if you are switching service then let Virgin know.
  4. Pay any outstanding fees before eventually leaving the service for good.

A lot of the process is dependent on your situation. Are you out of contract or are you yet to serve your minimum term? If you haven’t then read below as we break down what unhappy customers can do. You will also need to pay anything you owe and then you can talk to the customer service team.

What happens When I Call to Cancel?

You’ll be greeted by a friendly operator on the other end of the phone, they will ask you about your request and why you want to cancel, they’re obliged to try and fix your problem and will usually offer to solve your concern. They want to keep as many customers as possible and you may even leave a happy customer with some getting a better deal on their service. So have a think about what terms or deals could potentially keep you tied in and see if you are offered the deal you’re hoping for.

Cancelling Virgin Media Out Of Contract

Virgin Media Cancellations

As previously mentioned if you aren’t out of your contract yet then it can be hard to cancel your service. If you have agreed with a rival company they can sometimes help you make the switch, when calling to cancel you will have to inform them of the switch.

If you wish to cancel Virgin Media after 6 months then you may have to pay a cancellation fee, if you are leaving because of an unannounced pay rise then you may be able to get out of your deal completely free. If you’re close to the end are looking to switch TV service and broadband provider then they may be able to help you, the best way to find out is to check. Give them a call and they can help you make your decision.

Cancelling Your Virgin Media Account

Although there are complexities to cancelling and it comes down to how long you are tied into and how long you have been with your provider, it’s generally easier than you probably thought. Phone up the cancellation telephone number and find out how to cancel.

There are numerous reasons for leaving and if you feel that their service has run its cause then that’s a good enough reason. The typical motives for cancelling include the following:

  • The prices have increased since joining
  • You feel misled and it’s not as good as expected
  • Problems and technicalities with the product
  • Poor customer service
  • Found a better deal

Cancelling or phoning the cancel phone number isn’t always the best bet when some of the above are the reasons for your call. If the prices have rose then phone with the intention to cancel and they may lower the prices or find a more suitable offer. If you feel misled then you should reveal this to their customer service team and you may want to call the Customer Service phone number- 0843 515 8680

If you’ve been experiencing technical faults and haven’t received support up to now then you may not need to cancel your whole package. It could be a simple case of calling their help and technical support. Their friendly team will try their utmost to assist you and they can also send out an engineer to repair software, TV boxes and modems. If it’s the customer service that’s been disappointing then whether you decide to cancel your term or not, it’s something that should be expressed to their official complaints team.

Cancelling Your Virgin Media Order

Fortunately you can cancel your plan before installation. If for any reason you have had second thoughts then you may want to discuss this with their personnel. If you are sure though and wish to cancel then you can do so with ease, call their cancellation team and tell them about your plans and date for installation. You have 14 days from your order to cancel with their cooling period offering you enough time to change your mind.

Will I have to return my equipment / hardware?

In some cases, yes. Here’s an explainer video:


Can I cancel by e-mail?

Unfortunately you cannot cancel the service through e-mail but this is for your own safety as you have to pass data protection checks that can’t be done over the Internet. It means that if you want to cancel you will be required to phone them and they will swiftly answer your call and deal with it as soon as possible.

Can I cancel because of a better deal?

Existing customers have to endure new adverts and deals all being aimed at new customers but loyal consumers can also enjoy a bargain too. If you find a better deal then you can attempt to stray away from your current contract with Virgin but you may just be able to haggle a better deal as Money Supermarket highlight in this article.

What is customer retentions?

It’s usually just another name for cancellations, this department process your cancellation and can help you end your contract. They will assist you but as you can imagine by the retention part in their name, they are judged on how they keep customers. Thus why they offer great deals and are a great way for hagglers to improve their service.

Can I cancel my contract?

Again- this depends on how long you have left with your contract and if you have paid outstanding fees. The only way to find out is to phone up and ask some questions.

What number should I call?

We’ve suggested other numbers apart from the cancellation number and that’s because many consumers wrongly skip many steps. You may prefer to have your problem solved and if it’s a technical error or if you feel misled then there are other avenues to take. If you need help with the box or modem then call technical support, if you have received a poor service then you can use the complaints phone number or even call the customer service desk.

In general though- it’s likely that you came here looking for the cancellation phone number. In that case, if you are still set on leaving them or at least taking on some of the haggling advice, phone the cancellation number.

How to complain to Virgin Media?

If you have decided that you’d like to file a complaint then you should call the complaints phone number. Follow these steps for complaining:

  • First call the customer service desk and tell them about your problems with the service.
  • You can then specifically call the complaints phone number.
  • If you are set on leaving and they haven’t rectified your problem then simply call the number to cancel and leave.
  • Alternatively you could write to their email and make a formal complaint in writing, forcing them to solve the problem.

Customer Service done the Right Way

We are a team of customer service enthusiasts that try to guide customers like yourself to the right phone numbers, essentially saving you and the operator time. You can now avoid being put on hold and solve the problem you need to. We help Virgin customers receive the assistance they need, we have no association with the company and are simply a call forwarding service.

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